I want to be wealthy. Not to stunt on everyone, but rather afford to live in isolation. I really don’t like people. I’ll be happy in one of those random houses you see when you drive in the mountains. 

I want to be at least salutatorian in my school so I can incorporate an “SMD” to everyone in my speech. that’d be nice. 

not gonna lie, one of the reasons I miss being in a relationship is

free crib= sex. 

Everyone in my school got their cliques down pact for the last month of school. I’m just here wishing to graduate already. Ya’ll were cool, but I need new friends. 1 month, 5 days. Almost there. 

normcore adulthood warnings: current addictions to starbucks and poker, where am I headed!? 

wait.. wut. I’d talk to you about this in person but I know you’d be stubborn. Not a sub, I really hope you see this. 

I haven’t even been creeping like I used to; There’s no need, life now is too good to worry about old shit. But I scrolled past some shit on ig that irked my nerve. I’m sick of being accused of breaking promises, screwing people over. That just makes me look like a dick in a situation that wasn’t working out for both sides, not just me. Be honest with yourself, we had some good times, but we are just two very different people to have been dating like that. It’s a good thing we broke up and you know it. Yes there was love but the relationship was destructive. Why are you so spiteful towards that. I moved on, months AFTER we broke up. And if you still feel that way, cool. That’s really on you. But letting everyone else believe that too? Immature. 

Really looking forward to graduation right now. Life is great; the only hindrance is high school itself. One more test and then the classes won’t matter. I don’t fit in with the people surrounding me there like I used to, but its cool. I’m happy with the limited friends I have there, because everyone else is annoying anyways. I fit in so much better at work, and I’ll still be there in the near future so I’m set. summer 2014, where art thou? I’m beyond ready for you.